Ready for Brick Out?

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Another legendary reimagining of a classic is available on Play Brick Out and fall in love with the great gameplay of the legendary Breakout, which has endured for decades and has created various similar games like it. In Brick Out you control a paddle and you have to hit the bricks that are arranged on the screen with a ball. After every collision the bricks react to the hit and they get removed from the screen. In order to win the level, you have to clear all the bricks from the screen, while making sure that the ball doesn't get behind the paddle. This constant ping pong that is happening on the screen keeps things fun and exciting.

And when you throw some interesting items that can fall from the bricks that change the rules in interesting ways, then the fun really starts to ramp up. For example, you can get another ball that you have to bounce off the paddle, or the paddle can get longer or shorter. One thing's for sure, once a small change occurs, things change drastically and you have to adapt.

The graphics in Brick Out are lively, and are full of color. Even the ball changes its color after every collision. Combine that with the happy music, and Brick Out will surely delight.

Play a version of a classic on when you select Brick Out and have fun.

How to play

Control the paddle by moving the mouse to the left or to the right. Guide the ball to the wall of bricks and make sure that the ball doesn't get past the paddle.

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  • Use your mouse to interact.

This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices.