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Christmas is fast approaching and has prepared lots of fun games that you can play on this festive season. In Doc Darling Santa Surgery Santa has found himself in quite some trouble and needs your help. While traveling through the skies on Christmas Eve, an airplane suddenly appears in Santa's path and to avoid a collision he has to quickly guide the reindeers away from the path of danger, a maneuver which causes the sled to quickly fall towards the ground. Unfortunately, this causes Santa to also slip out of the sled. Luckily, the sack filled with presents proved to be a great glider in this situation, but because Santa doesn't want to lose any gifts that are free falling and put all the hard work that his various helpers have put into preparing them, he tries to catch as many of them as he can. Santa always puts children's interest first.

After you manage to collect the falling gifts, you have to organize your sack, so that they all fit neatly inside. While Santa's bag is a special one, that has unlimited space, you still need to be organized if you want quick access to the correct gifts. This accident has also injured Santa, so the next steps are surely to repair all the damage that was done. With various mini-games, Doc Darling Santa Surgery turns this recovery process into fun and interactive steps. From removing Santa's cozy coat, so that you can better assess the damage, to carefully cleaning the wounds, these small games make healing Santa into a fun and interesting experience. Of course, no permanent damage was sustained, but time is critical on Christmas Eve, because children from all over the world are waiting for their gifts.

The healing process is quite complex, and from cleaning Santa's wounds with some warm, hot water and soap, and then drying this, to carefully removing twigs and leaves from his body, you have a lot of work ahead. But the fun and colorful graphics and happy music turn the experience into a relaxing and exciting one, and in combination with the diverse tasks that you have to complete, you can't wait to see just what unique scenarios await in Doc Darling Santa Surgery.

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How to play

Use the left mouse button to interact with the game: from selecting menu options to dragging various objects, Doc Darling Santa Surgery is fully compatible with the mouse. If you are playing from a mobile device, you can tap the on-screen buttons to choose the preferred options.

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  • Use your mouse to interact.

This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices