Ready for Drop The Number?

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Drop The Number is a fun game that is a combination of multiple classics, borrowing game mechanics from games such as Tetris, Threes or 2048. The way the blocks fall on the board is sure to remind you of the beloved Tetris game, while the main goal of the game is reminiscent of the hits Threes, or 2048. In order to score points in Drop The Number you have to combine the pieces that have the same number on them. Once you accomplish this, they merge and they create a greater number which, in turn, you will have to combine with one piece of the same value.

The challenge of the game comes from finding which pieces you should focus on next, and as they slowly descend you can feel the pressure growing. You will have to take into account their current position, as well as the position of the neighboring tiles, as well as their values. In Drop The Number planning ahead will lead you to victory. And you don't have the luxury of thinking too much about your next move, because the pieces are slowly advancing, and once they are settled on the bottom of the screen, you can't change their direction anymore. The further you get in a round, the more you have to weigh each decision, because it gets more difficult to combine the pieces. But this slow increase in challenge guarantees more fun.

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How to play

If you are using a computer press the left mouse button to select on which lane you want the current piece to fall to. If you are using a mobile device, tap the screen to select the lanes.

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  • Use your mouse to interact.