Ready for Funny Pet Haircut?

Funny Pet Haircut is one the best hairstyle games you can play free online. But, if you prefer more games for girls, give our other hairstyle games a try.

Give your pet unique haircut and have loads of fun in Funny Pet Haircut, a game where you are encouraged to experiment with all the different styles, brushes and colors until you find something that you and your pet truly love. The great thing about Funny Pet Haircut is that you can try whichever haircut you want, without the fear of damaging the hair. Or having to wait for it to grow back. You can instantly try all sorts of unique shapes, each one more unique and funny than the one before. really gives you an artist's brush and encourages you to try and experiment with your artistic side. With each unique creation you will further enhance your skills and get better at knowing which colors match and which outfits fit your pets and which don't. With loads of options to choose from, Funny Pet Haircut promises loads of fun!

Have fun and find the funniest haircut in Funny Pet Haircut!

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  • Use your mouse to interact.