Ready for Princesses Royal Vs Star?

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Get ready to witness an epic style showdown of royal proportions because Princesses Royal Vs Star is here, and it's a sensational tale of fashion, friendship, and transformation that's bound to have you glued to your screens like never before! It's a style smackdown between two very different worlds, and you're the ultimate stylist in charge.

Meet the fabulous quartet – Anna, Elsa, Moana, and Belle. They're not your ordinary princesses. Structured in two totally different worlds, this game is a fashion journey of epic proportions. In one world, you'll be working with outfits inspired by their royal roots, and in the other, it's a dazzling transformation into the modern world.

Let's dive into the royal world, shall we? For Anna and Elsa, it's all about the icy elegance that they've been known for. Choose the perfect outfit inspired by their movies – think stunning gowns, regal hairstyles, exquisite jewelry, and accessories that'll make them shine like the true royalty they are.

Now, let's sail to the tropical paradise of Moana. Her world is filled with sunshine and adventure. Create a look that captures the spirit of the islands – think vibrant prints, flowing dresses, beachy hairstyles, and accessories that evoke the beauty of the tropics.

And then there's Belle, whose world is a dreamy, magical place. Help her don an outfit that screams fairy tale princess – think enchanting gowns, delicate hairstyles, and jewelry that makes her look like she just stepped out of a storybook.

But that's not all! After you've dressed the princesses in their royal attire, it's time for the ultimate twist. They're leaving their enchanted worlds behind and stepping into the modern world. Get ready to transform them into fashion stars, strutting their stuff on the modern catwalk.

Modern fashion is all about the edge, darling! Think ripped jeans, neon-colored clothing, crop tops, oversized jackets, and hairstyles that scream COOL. Accessorize them with modern jewelry that's as fabulous as it is funky. And for the finishing touch, create makeup looks that'll have them ready to rock the modern world. From bold lips to smoky eyes, make them look runway-ready.

Now, when the looks are complete, it's time to capture your fashion masterpieces. Download those stunning outfits, show them off to your crew, and let the world see your style prowess. It's a transformation that's going to have everyone talking!

So, gear up for Princesses Royal Vs Star, where two worlds collide, fashion reigns supreme, and the runway is your kingdom. From classic elegance to modern cool, you're the stylist these princesses have been waiting for. Are you ready to make them shine?

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  • Use your mouse to interact.

This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices