Play this game you create Barbie Superhero Looks because this superhero fashionista has to look fabulous all the time! Being a fashionista and a superhero who's always ready to go on a new mission is not an easy job, not when you want to look fabulous and keep up with the trends. Sometimes Super Barbie has no time for spa and beauty treatments, so in this game you have to become her beautician. Help Super Barbie have a healthy and toned skin by giving her a face treatment, then take the tweezer and give a nice shape to her eyebrows, the finally apply concealer under her eyes and skin foundation of her entire face. Now Super Barbie is ready for a makeup and you must get creative. Play with the colors and give her a daring glitzy makeup. Last but not least, Super Barbie needs a new superhero costume, as she is bored of always wearing the same one. Open her wardrobe and choose a superhero dress then accessorize it. Have fun trying out different Barbie Superhero Looks in this game!